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Option: Add White Cotton Drapery Lining To My Valance from Karens Bed & Bath

Option: Add White Cotton Drapery Lining To My Valance from Karens Bed & Bath

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Option:  Add 100% Cotton Drapery Lining for Our Buyer's Valances
Custom Sewn By Karen's Bed & Bath
Brand New!

This page is to give buyers of our valances a chance to purchase drapery lining... and have it sewn into the valances they purchase from Karen's Bed & Bath. If you purchase one valance and wish it lined.... just order one quantity... if four valances are purchased... then you'd need to match it with four linings

Price given is for one 42" width x up to 20" length... it will be whatever length your valance is... up to 20" If you purchase a 14" length valance... then you'll receive the 14" valance with drapery lining.

If for any reason, the valance you've chosen can not be lined... I will let you know by email. For instance, you purchased 3 valances... you received them... then choose lining. Since the valances were already sewn... they can not be taken apart to add lining. Valances must be ordered along with the drapery lining (or before the valances are sewn).

This sales page is for valance length panels under 19"... it is NOT for drapery panel length or tier length.

#1.... you purchase your valance from our custom sewn valances (that are sewn upon order)

#2... you then purchase a drapery lining (that's ONLY if you wish it lined - have blackout drapery lining on another sales page)

#3... you receive the valance you purchased... fully lined... making a better quality valance that you will be proud to display.

White 100% Cotton Drapery Lining... to be sewn into the valance panels you purchase from Karen's Bed & Bath - NOTE... valances must be purchased along with your choice of custom sewn valance found in our store NOTE: this is the cotton drapery lining... the white blackout is on another sales page

Oil/Water Stain Resistant
From a pet & smoke free environment
100% Cotton
Machine Washable
Brand New!

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