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Large Beautiful Pink Purple White Floral Flowers on Black Custom Sewn Handcrafted 3pc Curtain Swags Valance NEW

Large Beautiful Pink Purple White Floral Flowers on Black Custom Sewn Handcrafted 3pc Curtain Swags Valance NEW

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Pics shown above shows a few other sets of swags sewn in other prints - don't have a saved pic of the 3pc swags yet (coming soon)

Left Swag + Right Swag + Middle Connector Valance
Brand New!

Here's a beautiful 3pc unlined curtain swag set custom sewn by Karen's Bed & Bath.

Note: Cotton lining can be sewn into the swags at $40 more - purchased in our store.

NOTE: This is a sewn to order 3pc curtain swag set. Swag curtains will be sewn upon purchase. Please allow time for your curtains to be sewn. Usually completed and shipped in 4-7 days. Swags can be sewn in many of our listed prints if fabric is available.

I will be listing several 3pc swag sets in various prints. If you see a print you'd like sewn into a 3pc set of swag valances... just send me a message. If fabric is available in the print you'd like sewn, I'll be happy to list the swags for you. The newer listings will be updated with pics of finished swag sets in prints shortly. Showing photos of ones that have already been sewn at bottom of page. Swags look great when you have 3x the swags for the window width. For wide windows, you'd only need to add a 2nd valance in the center. The 3pc swag set comes with ONLY one middle valance and the two outer swag valances.

For wide windows - it's possible to use multiple valances (purchased from our shop) and use the swags to frame both ends of your window.

This curtain set does NOT include the bottom tiers... they can be sewn upon request.

This 3pc curtain set includes two swags... the left, the right... and the middle valance for a great new look!

All our custom sewn curtains are personally cut & sewn upon purchase. These are not factory run of the mill curtains... they are lovingly handcrafted personally by Karen (me) with over 30 years sewing experience.

The curtain swags measure approx. 38" on the longer outer sides... approx 14" on the shorter inner sides. The 3rd piece to this union is the middle connector valance. Purchasing this one 3pc set... you can add additional valances to cover the largest window width... from a normal size window... to the extra wide windows, this 3pc curtain set will beautify your room!

Each of the three curtain pieces (2 swags plus the valance) measures approx. 41" wide. Total width of all three give you approx. 123"... plenty of curtain width for most windows. You can always purchase additional valances if you have a very wide window or like alot of fluff to your curtains. It's best to purchase any additional valances you may wish to purchase at the same time as the swags... so we can match up the fabric design.

If you should see other custom curtains in our store that you'd like sewn in this pattern... just let us know, we'll be happy to make you a sales page for your items.

3pc Curtain Swag Set (2 Swags + 1 Valance) - additional sets available in quantity box
Each quality sewn curtain piece is approximately 41" wide
Each curtain swag/valance has a 1" top ruffle and 1 3/4" rod pocket (be sure to let me know upon purchase if you need the 3" rod pockets sewn)
Short middle side of the curtain swag is approx 14" in length... while the longest side is approx 38" in length (some special order swags in the 28" finished length or specify shorter than 38" finished length due to sink/counter being in place - same price - just let me know upon purchase - finished outer lengths up to 38" are the same price)
To furnish a better curtain fullness... swag sets should be 2 1/2 to 3x the width of your window
Additional valances... along with the matching tiers can be purchased in our store
From a pet & smoke free environment
100% Cotton
Machine Washable
Brand New!

Sorry, I don't have a photo of this particular print sewn as swags... so showing several other finished swag sets that I have made for previous customers =

For more beautiful curtains and fabrics, please check out my shop .

If you need more fabric than what is listed... or desire a more personalized listing of various fabrics, curtains - just let me know. Custom orders are welcomed.

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