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Farm Chicken Roosters Microwavable Bowl Cozy, Soup Bowl Cozy, Bowl Pot Holder, Hot Pad, Reversible

Farm Chicken Roosters Microwavable Bowl Cozy, Soup Bowl Cozy, Bowl Pot Holder, Hot Pad, Reversible

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This bowl cozy has black & white roosters on a yellow background - which reverses to yellow swirls on black.

Looking for a way to keep your soup or microwave bowl warm and cozy without burning your hands? Look no further than our reversible bowl holder cozy!

This listing lets you select one (or more) reversible bowl cozy. The bowl cozy is made of 100% cotton material - sewn with 100% cotton thread with microwave safe Pellon Wrap-N-Zap 100% Cotton Batting.

Approximate size is 10 inches diagonally, 7.5 inches on the side.

This microwave bowl cozy fits most standard size bowls. While this bowl is safe for warming your foods in the microwave (using 1 - 2 minutes at a time) - it's also great for keep your hands from coldness while you eat ice cream or other cold desserts.

Parents love bowl cozies for their little ones cereal and treats - with the 100% cotton cozy that can be easily thrown into the washer when soiled - and air dried to better hold its shape. Our bowl cozy set is the perfect housewarming gift or gift for any occasion.

Great for warming food in the microwave - using 1-2 minutes (Just place bowl of food into the cozy
Perfect for cereal or soup bowls

Easy to use: Simply place the bowl in the middle of the cozy & pop the cozy and bowl into the microwave!
Easy for little hands to hold for cereals and frozen desserts (ice cream - yummy)

Great cozy for those comfy tv evenings... for holding your pop corn bowl or bowls of snacks - let's not forget those cold bowls of ice cream (hands stay warm since you aren't in direct contact with the cold bowl - makes having ice cream more enjoyable)

Handcrafted from 100% cotton fabric, 100% cotton thread and Pellon Wrap-N-Zap 100% Cotton Batting (everything 100% cotton)

Protects counter tops and tables from hot bowls

Microwave safe and fully reversible

Dual Insulation - Keeping your fingers cool while removing hot items from the microwave

Machine Washable - to dry, it's best to let dry on countertop surface to retain shape & beauty

Another great benefit from shopping with us for your bowl cozy - you'll find LOTS of different cotton fabrics in our shop that can be sewn into bowl cozies upon request

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