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Karen's Bed & Bath

Retro Vintage Fifties Kitchen Valance 50s Farmhouse Red Green Cream Handcrafted Curtain Valance With Pom Pom Trim

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Custom Sewn By Karen's Bed and Bath
Brand New!


This style fifties theme valance has the red pom poms sewn along the base of the valance.  For those that do NOT want the pom pom bottom trim - search in our shop for the ones without the pom pom trim.

Fast & Short Details about this listed item

* This is a made to order handcrafted item - It is not pre-made - but sewn after purchase
* Handling time (equals my sewing time) varies: usually 4-10 days before shipping "sometimes rush orders are accepted - ask first"
* Your curtain rod may need more than one of these valances - see helpful info below in yellow
* Lining is optional - can be purchased in our store (white blackout OR white cotton)
* One Inch Header Ruffle PLUS 1 3/4 Standard Rod Pocket UNLESS you need 3" rod pocket sewn (no extra charge) "you must tell me you want wider 3" rod pocket with or without larger header"
* Approx. Width: 41 inches wide
* Approx. Length: "Your Choice from lengths listed"
* Fabric: 100% Cotton
* Care: Machine wash cold with like colors / line dry or dry on low

This is not a licensed product.
It is however, hand-crafted from licensed fabric purchased from retail shops.
I am not affiliated with or sponsored by any of the trademark holders.

PLEASE NOTE: Valances / curtains custom sewn from fabric purchased via retail stores are narrow fabrics (usually 44" before finishing into 40/41 inch wide valances)... and it is BEST to check the width of your window when ordering using the info below. Your particular window may need MORE than one panel.

Q: How many valance panels will I need?

A: 15-28" window / curtain rod: one
29-56: two
57- 84: three
85-112: four